Hydrosave Valves Online goes live.

The Hydrosave web based reporting facility, Valves Online went live on the 2nd April 2015 with a number of clients already receiving their personal login details.

All valves assessed through the CVA (Critical Valve Assessment) programme or released using the ‘Clever Valve Release’ system will be added to Valves Online. Clients can access all the information pertaining to the asset including location,  land owner information, torque requirement to operate, position, direction of operation, number of turns to operate, marker post condition, actuator type and condition, confined space requirements, traffic management requirements, pumping, chamber cover details, photographs, GIS plots and a summary report.

Ninety percent of the information is uploaded in real-time via a bespoke PDA system enabling the client to see immediately the status of any project and login rights ensure that individuals only see information pertaining to their own assets. This is another efficiency created by the New Technology team.