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Seepage Survey and Leak Location

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Several ALD surveys had identified and confirmed the presence of a leak on a main supplying a private residential apartment block in Central London but after several attempts had failed to validate any specific leak point due to the complexity of the interconnected site network. The leak was problematic and was manifesting in a consistent visible discharge within a lower level boiler room.

Using Hydrosave’s expertise in GPR our technology was used to first verify the location of the supply pipe leading from connection point in the street to where it entered the building and then continue the investigation along the internal corridors, the basement and any location that could be accessed. As there were no site drawings available, the on-site team interpreted the data live and made on the spot decisions to trace the leak path which was successfully located beneath the basement corridor floor.


Complex connectivity, no available site drawings, visible water discharge at lower basement level, internal pipework, and private residential access.


  • Route of supply pipe validated
  • Internal pipework investigated and placement confirmed
  • Leak area pinpointed
  • Recommend repair options and remedial structural stabilisation solution