Sampling Services

Hydrosave can assess the condition of buried pipework by taking samples from the water, the pipe or surrounding soil

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Many customers have concerns about the condition of buried pipework, particularly when leakages and burst pipes have been a problem. Taking samples from the water, the pipe, or the surrounding soil can provide accurate data to support investment decisions.

We provide a range of sampling services:


Pipe sample and coupon analysis


This method usually determines lining condition and type. In addition sections from the crown and invert can provide a limited analysis in relation to remaining life.


Sediment sample analysis


By using under pressure drilling methods and our bespoke sampling machine a representative sediment sample can be taken to assess sediment depth, type, chemical constituents and risk to water quality.


Soil resistivity surveys


Soil resistivity surveys can be conducted above ground along sections of pipeline. This will provide a measure of resistivity and determine soil corrosivity in regard to ferrous pipework.


Water profile analysis


Water samples and sediments can be taken from differing depths to profile and determine water quality risks and sources of contamination.


Soil and water quality analysis


Soil analysis can determine the corrosivity of a soil and combined with a structural inspection of the pipe a fracture risk can be calculated. Further analysis can be included to highlight the degree of aggressiveness using a factor based grading.