Distribution Mains Cleaning

Specialist programmes for the removal of iron deposits and organic matter.

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For ageing networks, which have a high content of metallic pipes it is important to plan and carry out periodic maintenance programmes which are targeted towards safeguarding the quality of water delivered to customers. By undertaking planned pipe cleaning techniques iron deposits and organic matter is removed from the system thus ensuring Target Network Standards (TNS) are achieved for water quality and reducing the risk of discolouration in the event of a burst.

Specialist techniques undertaken

Our expertise includes planning and undertaking mains cleansing programmes on behalf of our clients. Techniques are bespoke to each specific requirement and include volumetric flushing, air scour, ice pigging and jetting.

We can incorporate measuring the effectiveness of planned preventative maintenance programmes by using a unique Discolouration Risk Index (DRI) approach and Non -Steady State sampling methods.

Sampling services

We are able to help ascertain the water quality within your network by conducting a bespoke sampling programme. This incorporates bacteriological and chemical sampling from onsite facilities and at customer premises. In addition we have a unique and specialist under pressure sampling technique that enables source water samples to be taken from large diameter pipes, as well as the ability to assess sedimentation from within a pipe.

Risk assessment models

We have developed a discolouration risk model ‘D-Risk’ which uses the outputs from hydraulic models and regulatory reporting data to evaluate and assess individual pipe lengths to create a spatial map of the District Metered Area (DMA) or Water Supply Zone (WSZ).