Unaccounted for Water

Hydrosave can validate if losses are real or apparent and improve valuable data quality

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Understanding your water usage


Whether looking at individual premises, sites, or whole DMAs (District Meter Areas), we are able to reconcile actual consumption against expected forecasts, and explain differences.

We do this by getting under the skin of your water data, applying a suite of validation tools to identify issues.

We don’t just leave it there, we will suggest solutions to issues highlighted and support you with the implementation of these solutions, effectively and at pace.


Examples of Issues


Identification of missing properties is an important tool in understanding unaccounted for water, and in our vacants management and gaps pages, you can read more about our wealth of experience in this area.

Another common reason is undetected leakage: Hydrosave are the UK market leader in leak detection and remediation, having worked with a large number of non-household customers and utilities across the UK.

Slowing or stopped meters can also be a contributory factor to mismatches, and by examination of historical and current usage patterns, we can identify potential faults. We can then correct the issues, fitting new meters where necessary and ensuring consumption records are based on actual usage going forward, whilst correcting historical usage figures (even where based on estimated reads).

We can also review usage patterns, assess night use components, review metered customer allowances and manage data logging projects.