Detection strategy and leakage target setting

Our strategies provide cost effective, sustainable control of leakage for a diverse range of clients

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Hydrosave has extensive operations network experience that enables us to operate as a specialist contractor shaping leakage detection strategies for a diverse range of clients.

We operate numerous framework and supplier arrangements with the world’s leading IWA independent consultants, water utilities, UK consultancies and nationwide contracting businesses.

We deliver leakage strategy and analysis that integrates with Sustainable Economic Levels of Leakage (SELL) and wider water resources management plans.

Our focus for leak detection is to have a strategy that reduces the overall life cycle of a leak, reducing awareness time, detection time and repair periods to deliver ever increasingly tough leakage reductions targets.

We have undertaken UKWIR research projects for leak detection best practice campaign planning and leak detection on plastic pipes.


A broad range of services


The scope of our services includes:

  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Leakage assessment
  • System optimisation
  • Detection strategy and target setting
  • Business process management
  • Design and testing of District Metered Areas
  • Implementation of remote monitoring systems