Hydraulic and transient analysis

Our consultancy services team is acknowledged for being an experienced and independent designer and assessor of hydraulic networks

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With extensive experience of design, calibration and fault finding of 1000s of networks our team is able to investigate operational problems and recommend proposed changes in operation, pipeline design and system controls.

Transient pressure and surge analysis sensors can be installed for investigative surveys and can be monitored remotely within smart networks. Our smart networks system can be fully integrated with standard flow, pressure, acoustic and water quality sensors in order to provide a remote monitoring system that we monitor in milliseconds, 24/7.

Sensors are sensitive enough to identify root causes of hydraulic transients through patented analysis and correlation of data. This enables a detailed hydraulic analysis, optimised operations and a reduction in operating costs through reduced leaks, bursts, identification of unauthorised water use and unnecessary over pumping.

We can also assess the stress of pipe networks, the effects of damaging transients and provide early warning of future pipe condition issues and pipe failures.

Hydrosave has partnered in the UK with Visenti, a Xylem business based in Singapore. We can install and maintain remote monitored transient sensors, integrate with other network sensors and provide a 24/7 data analysis service.

The Visenti systems LeakView and SurgeView can identify network flow events, locate leaks, identify energy savings and pressure optimisation opportunities. Stress analysis of pipes is also permanently assessed to provide a burst predictive tool and condition assessment.

The Visenti service provides for the ultimate in smart networks using high frequency sensor and data capture. It provides real time customer service, permanent optimisation and root cause flow/pressure analysis.

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