HydroV® | Seized valve release licensing

The safe and effective way to operate seized valves. Offer the service to your customers by becoming a licensed partner.

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HydroV© is safe

HydroV© is the safest solution on the market for both the asset and the operator.

No manual force is required to simulate torque or impact to release a valve, and HydroV© is operated remotely, away from the work area, significantly reducing the risk of operative injury.

HydroV© is also kind to your assets, it applies only the minimum amount of torque required to release a seized valve, minimising the risk of valve shaft failure or unwanted damage.


HydroV© is effective

HydroV© applies only the minimum torque required to free a seized valve. In the UK HydroV© has successfully released 100% of valves without damage to customer assets, eliminating the need for customers to replace seized valves.

HydroV© is suited to all diameters, with specialist capability on large diameter valves.


HydroV© is available to purchase and license

If you operate in the water sector and would like to offer the HydroV© seized valve service to your customers, then we would really like to hear from you.

Depending on the country you operate in and the market opportunities available, we may be able offer either an exclusive countrywide license or a regional agreement for sole use.



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