Pressure management

Reducing leakage by lowering pressures is the simplest and most immediate way of reducing water loss and demand in the network.

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Water pressure management programme


Installing a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) can quickly result in substantial reductions in waste. In the majority of cases the PRV is self-financing, given the offset of treated water delivery costs. In addition to reduced losses from leakage, savings may also be realised from reduced pumping frequencies, lower consumption and fewer burst water mains.

Hydrosave offers a comprehensive programme of assessment, design, installation and maintenance:

  • An assessment of suitability can be carried out after the completion of both flow and pressure surveys. The surveys will define the potential for pressure management and identify the associated water reductions and financial benefits.
  • We use a standard, proven design process as the basis for implementation and installation. Our specialist associate group company, IWS (Pipeline Services), will then undertake the work.
  • We can also provide additional outlet control, which may also be necessary to optimise hydraulic performance. This is provided through a range of proportional flow modulation and/or timer control.
  • Water pressure management strategies are adopted holistically, working alongside DG2 low pressure investigations and optimum pumping operations.


Reduce risks and save money


Industrial customers with large networks and significant water use in their processes can save money through a pressure management programme and reduce the risk of burst pipes causing operational issues.