Water Operations and Utility Surveys

We provide a range of specialist services in the fields of leakage, smart networks, DMA operations and pipeline management

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Leak detection services


We deliver advanced leak detection services which form the foundation of a leakage control strategy for water utilities and industrial clients. Our services enable the efficient delivery of both proactive and reactive strategies.

As leaders in our field, we work with many manufacturers and universities in the development of new technology for leak detection.


Flow, pressure and transient surveys


Having accurate information on flow and pressure survey performance is essential in understanding water network performance. Hydrosave provides skilled personnel to install, interrogate, and analyse data obtained from flow and pressure surveys. We also provide specialist asset management software and a remote works management system.

Hydrosave can provide a range of pressure transient services. This includes one of the most advanced Smart network solutions in the world, providing Smart network integration, a 24/7 real time monitoring centre and predictive condition assessment.


Water pressure management programme


Reducing leakage by lowering pressures is the simplest and most immediate way of reducing water loss and demand in the network.

Similarly, industrial customers with large networks and significant water use in their processes can save money through a pressure management programme, whilst also mitigating against operational issues resulting from burst pipes.


Other services for water operations and utility networks


Other services include design and testing of DMAs, cleaning of distribution mains and pipeline hydraulic analysis.


For more information on each of these services, follow the links below.

Sub Services

Acoustic Leak Detection

Use of high-resolution world class acoustics technology to detect leaks

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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

A complementary survey tool designed for sub-surface investigations

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Detection strategy and leakage target setting

Leakage strategy and analysis delivering cost effective, sustainable control of leakage for utility clients.

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Design and testing of District Metered Areas

A unique and comprehensive DMA design and review process that doesn't rely solely on desktop…

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Flow and Pressure Surveys

Installation of data loggers and analysis of flow and pressure data.

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Hydraulic and transient analysis

Root cause analysis of operational problems in hydraulic systems, and recommendation of remedial changes in…

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Pressure management

Assessment, design, installation and maintenance of pressure management tools to reduce loss and demand.

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Distribution Mains Cleaning

Water quality risk assessment, planned maintenance and sampling

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In-Pipe Leak Detection

Specialists in under pressure insertion techniques for in-pipe leak detection

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