Asset surveys

As well as providing surveys of underground pipes, Hydrosave offer a range of services for above ground assets

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Hydrosave provides a range of services for above ground assets.


Pipe bridge inspection


Bridge and aquaduct inspections can be undertaken. We inspect both pipe and supporting structures and provide a comprehensive report detailing remaining life and remedial works required.


Confined space inspections


We have extensive experience in regard to inspections or installations via confined or dangerous spaces. All personnel are professionally trained and equipped to a high standard working with mine rescue teams.


Asset management


We understand the challenges and the wide variety of specific requirements which each individual project will have and have a broad experience of working on projects of all types.

Our expertise has been used in mains replacement; GPS surveying; air valve audits; drainage area surveys; PRV audits; replacement of mechanical & electromagnetic flow meters; and telemetry outstation facilities.