HydroSEAL™ - Curing Pipeline Leakage

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The HydroSEAL™ solution is designed to provide an internal pipeline leakage repair solution for multiple leaks in the water distribution network. This ground-breaking service using the Curapipe product is applicable for the reduction of bulk leakage induced from multiple leak sources within treatable pipe sections that are not required to be replaced due to an end of life situation.

curapipe leak repair
The HydroSEAL™ solution is applicable to a wide range of pipe materials and is a stand-alone system that uses Curapipe to self-detect water leaks in a pipe and automatically repairs them.

An isolated pipe section, is a requirement with ‘actual’ levels of leakage measured both pre and post treatment.

repair pipe leak

The HydroSEAL™ solution is not intended to replace ongoing active leakage control services (i.e. “find & fix”) generally applied as a maintenance tool for leakage control, but as a complementary method for rapid bulk reduction of unsustainable leakage levels. It also works well in conjunction with network pressure-reduction systems if already installed in the network.

Why Choose HydroSEAL™?

  • Seal different types of leaks – fractures, pinholes, flanges, seals and joints.
  • Addresses leakage on all pipe materials.
  • Approved for use in drinking water under DWI Reg 31

Mode of Operation

  • A complete feasibility study is completed for the target section of pipe to include a background leakage check, isolation procedures, alternative supply and customer management.
  • The PIG train is launched into the isolated target section of the water distribution network via an upstream fire hydrant or hot tap.
  • The PIG train consists of Curapipe’s unique curing substance propelled via two different viscosity gel PIGs also developed by Curapipe.
  • The substance operates under pressure and automatically detects and seals multiple leaky pinholes, joints, fittings & service connections.
  • The PIG train is extracted via a downstream fire hydrant and the now treated section is held under pressure for a limited time to allow the curing substance to harden and permanently cure all identified leakage.
  • The treated pipe section is flushed along with any com pipes prior to recommissioning back into service.


Jerusalem curapipe test site
Curapipe Test Site Jerusalem

Network Requirements

  • Network head up to 100 meters.
  • Access to network via through-bore or fixed jumper fire hydrants, air valves and UPT >80mm.
  • Isolation of treated pipe section to include properties at stop tap or boundary box.
  • Treated pipe section potentially out of service for up to 6 hours.
  • Alternative source of water required for PIG train propulsion, customer supply and flushing provision.


Hydroseal water leak pipeline repair


Extended Performance

In cases where network requirements cannot be met, the HydroSEAL™ service can still be performed via the provision of essential enabling works performed to the network within the HydroSEAL™ solution. These provisions would be identified and highlighted during the feasibility process

This is applicable to the following non-conformity to network requirements:

  • Lack of or non-functional fire hydrants, air valves or hot taps >80mm – We provide line stopping and under pressure installations.
  • Heavy mains tuberculation >50% – We can complete CCTV condition inspections to assess the proposed effectiveness of the leakage reduction. If needed, we can complete pre-application mains cleaning.
  • Network pressure restriction <30m head – We can adapt our installation equipment via portable pumps
  • Network valves >500m intervals – We can install new valves without loss of water supply, using line stop techniques
  • Restrictions in isolation time <6 hours – We can provide overland alternative water supplies.
  • Extraordinary com pipe lengths >30m – We can install flushing points.
  • Aggregate leakage above 3,000 l/min – we will apply multiple treatments


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