Data Validation

Hydrosave has been at the forefront of data validation in the first competitive market in the world

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We have innovative and proven solutions to your data validation needs

Our approach

Rather than providing a service in isolation, we work in partnership with your existing operations, examining and suggesting improvements to your existing processes.

We can offer a seamless end-to-end service, dealing not just with the data correction, but ensuring any customer impact is communicated using a mix of lettering, outbound, and inbound calling appropriate to the circumstances and tailored to the customer type.

Eligible Premises and Occupancy

As well as our ongoing work on voids management and gaps in Scotland, we’ve been working with English water and waste companies to ensure the retail side of the business has as comprehensive and complete a list as possible of those premises that will be eligible to enter the retail market upon market opening.

Crucial to this process is our ability to distinguish between household and non household properties, and also establish the basis of property use for single, joint & multiple supplies.

Corrections have been carried out without disruption to impacted customers and ahead of regulatory deadlines.

Legal Entity Data

Getting the right legal entity, not just the correct occupier, is paramount to mitigate difficulty recovering unpaid sums.

Hydrosave use a variety of tips and tricks to ensure they get the correct legal entity, even where the occupier refuses to engage at the point the account is opened.

Address Data

Maintaining accurate address data is of paramount importance, as poor or incomplete data can mean bills and other correspondence going to the wrong address.

Poor address data can also hinder vacants management and gap site identification, as the true underlying property becomes harder to identify.

Hydrosave has developed a holistic trace process which looks at internal and external data, GPS co-ordinates, ratings data, to name a few sources, and this helps make sure the clients address data is as accurate as possible.

Services Data

Accurately recording the services received at a property is fundamental in ensuring customers’ bills are accurate. Inaccurate bills can delay payment, and increase failure demand and unwanted contact.

Hydrosave has a wealth of experience of validating services received at a property, using a combination of customer feedback (intelligent questioning), client data and third party data. We are also used to liasing with separate wholesale companies and departments where needed to ensure data is corrected in central systems.

Metering Data

We recognise the importance of effective data capture and validation for all stakeholders within the Water Industry.

Wholesalers : to make decisions to ensure they hit their Outcome Delivery Incentives.

Retailers : To offer value added services to allow customers on line access to flow, pressure and meter readings.

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