Case Study: Unaccounted for Water

By managing their Unaccounted for Water project, we helped the biggest water and wastewater company in England meet their leakage targets

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Our Work


Since October 2015 we have been working with the largest water and waste water company in England, contributing to reducing their leakage figures in line with their annual leakage target.

We did this by managing part of the Unaccounted for Water Project. We were able to pull together a team of technical and billing experts very quickly and we began to bridge the gap between Wholesale objectives and Retail requirements. Our experience in the water industry and our understanding of Outcome Delivery Incentives and the Service Incentive Mechanism introduced by Ofwat, meant that we could develop our procedures to achieve the best possible outcomes for both measures.

Focussing on the desktop exercises that yielded the greatest reward and addressing process limitations, we were able to establish correct non household customer details, update billing records and increase customer revenue. All while reducing the lost water usage total across the region.


Our Results


Within the first three months we had located £75K of lost revenue and had rapidly established a need to mobilise a task force of field experts. We were able to assemble a team of motivated individuals to work out of the local area to ensure we were maximising project time. The results were immediate as we were able to embark on a series of planned activities to engage with customers and ensure that updates were carried out were as accurate as possible.  Our experience of front office, back office and field disciplines meant we were able to work through 1550 customer records, updating billing details and regulatory required data.


The Future


The work we have done has undoubtedly prepared the customer records in line with and in time for the open water market in April 2017.

The updates carried out will ensure that those non household customers are correctly defined and able to engage in the opportunity to switch to the best retailer for their business.