Valve Management Services

Our expert teams will help you reduce the risk of service failure through valve condition assessment and specialist release

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Maintenance, torque measurement and operation of seized valves


The majority of utility line valves are left until they are needed for network maintenance, or in the worst case, a major emergency. Often at this point the valve is found to be excessively difficult to operate, fully seized, or even broken. Understanding the condition of network assets allows for efficient maintenance programmes, risk mitigation and an improved customer service.

Hydrosave’s line valve diagnostics process incorporates the use of smart actuator technology and hydraulic operations. Specialist equipment is used to calculate the correct direction of travel, torque measurement and cycle valves that prove difficult to operate.

Sub Services

Valve Repairs and Maintenance

Specialist teams are available for general valve maintenance, repair, installation and the fitting of specialist…

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Critical Valve Assessment

Using advanced diagnostic tools on your critical valves to mitigate risk

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HydroV® | Seized Valve Release

Hydrosave's in-house patented technology is used to release seized valves of all diameters in multiple…

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Valve PAK - packing gland repairs

Repair of leaking packing glands without taking valves out of service

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