Let the experts manage your void properties.

Hydrosave have opened thousands of new customer accounts in the UK, earning our clients millions of incremental revenue each year whilst providing a first class customer service and education.

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Excellent Customer Service – our commitment to you


  • We will put the customer at the heart of everything we do
  • We will deliver great customer service to the end user whilst managing to retain and grow your revenue
  • We will provide a full outbound and inbound calling service, including call recording to monitor quality
  • We will educate the customer on services or legislative changes in the market place
  • We will build trust with the customer and keep them informed of their future responsibilities

Maximising income from the properties you serve


Since April 2017 Licensed Providers (LP’s) in Scotland have been incurring charges for void properties from the wholesaler. It is crucial for LP’s to manage their portfolio effectively, mitigating any financial penalties.

Whether it is void properties or gap sites, they all have a responsible party in receipt of water and waste water services that may be neglecting to pay. The identification of these properties is a fundamental way of growing or protecting the market share in a competitive environment. If an occupier or landlord isn’t already registered with a water company they become prospective target for competitors looking at growing their market share.

It is important to ensure voids and gaps are identified so they can be properly served in the same way as any other occupier. Disruption to supply or an incident requiring attention on the premises could become a health and safety issue.



Expertise in vacant management and GAP sites


Hydrosave has a proven track record proactively managing vacant properties or voids having worked directly for a Scottish Retailer for over five years. We ensure customers who do pay a bill are not subsidising those that don’t.

Hydrosave understands that property churn is a constant challenge. Whilst many occupiers will make contact with their water supplier when they enter or leave properties, we know from experience that many more do not.

Gap sites not registered to any water company can arise for a variety of reasons, for example legacy data issues, failures in the new connections process, illegal connections, or property splits. We have developed some successful techniques for comparing “in-market” data with other external sources to identify properties not registered to any supplier.

Some wholesalers operate an incentive scheme to encourage LP’s to identify gaps in the market. LP’s can claim between £750 and £3000 in incentive revenue per gap site (subject to eligibility rules).

Independent review of in-house processes


We can also help to correct any in-house process failures to avoid reoccurring problems. We will help streamline processes, create efficiencies and avoid un-necessary duplication of effort.

Why not let Hydrosave help your business to take advantage of this additional income stream?

How Can Hydrosave Help?


We will utilise our experienced call centre staff to help your business identify and make contact with the landlord who holds ultimate responsibility for “void” properties.




Want to find out more?


Hydrosave (UK) Ltd can supplement this service by field visits and lettering. Ultimately we can tailor our approach to support your business requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you maximise your income and market share, contact Lorraine Guest 01922 638282 or 07341 732985 lguest@hydrosave.co.uk