Pressure Transients: Hydrosave lead the way in Intelligent Water Operations

Hydrosave have agreed an exclusive distributor agreement with Visenti PTE Ltd, a Xylem business, from Singapore.

Focused on the UK water and waste sectors the distributor agreement will enable Hydrosave to offer 24/7 real time condition monitoring, pipe failure detection and pipe stress analysis

Simon Dray, Managing Director of Hydrosave, commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Visenti. They are experts in pipe network hydraulic analysis, software systems and embedded sensing. Their international experience and our UK water operation knowledge is a great combination.  

 Visenti’s solutions are compelling additions to our water operations, leakage, sensor deployment and condition assessment service. We already have a team of 40 that deploys and maintains remote monitoring systems around the UK. The Visenti system is an excellent addition and one that could integrate with other standard flow, pressure, acoustic and water quality sensors. We believe that the water companies that invest in remote monitoring and real time analysis combined with practical water operations experience will lead the way.”

The Hydrosave and Visenti service comprises:

Leakview™: transient sensor deployments, 24/7 monitoring and event detection. Examples of event detection: a burst pipe, valve operations, unusual private water use, illegal water use or simple non-standard pumping or PRV operations.

This can provide an early warning before a major leak occurs. A latest development includes an integrated transient sensor with a hydrophone. This enables transient pressure and acoustic sound to be recorded to assist with leak detection and pinpointing. As the system gives visibility at a pipe level it is also a tool to review water quality risks caused by third parties and enable quicker response times.

SurgeView™: condition reports that includes transient analysis and pipe stress / condition reporting.

This will inform clients of damaging pressure transient stress on the pipe network.  GIS pipes are colour coded every month based on pipe stress, material type and pipe age.

Reducing these stresses can prolong pipe life, reduce burst mains and reduce energy costs.

Visenti LeakView Brochure

Visenti SurgeView Brochure