Hydrosave announces new partnership with Aganova

The UK water sector specialist becomes a UK distribution partner of Aganova’s Nautilus System.

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Hydrosave, South Staffordshire Plc’s leading water sector leak detection and technical services business, has signed an agreement with Aganova, a global technology and innovation specialist, to become an approved distributor of Nautilus, an innovative solution to detect and locate leaks in large diameter pipes.

An advanced acoustic system that travels through the water network at the centre of the pipe, Nautilus verifies current pipe condition and detects leaks and anomalies, offering valuable information for network operations and asset management teams.

The system consists of a sphere that is introduced in the pipe without interrupting the service at any time and moves freely driven by water flow. As it travels, Nautilus collects acoustic information and is able to offer a complete pipeline assessment.


Matt Foster, water services director and general manager at Hydrosave said: “We were really impressed with the Nautilus product and believe it is a great addition to our existing leak detection services that will add further value for our UK water clients, particularly when assessing large diameter pipes. Reducing leakage remains a key focus for our clients now and as we head into PR24, and we are committed to supporting them better understand leakage risk across their networks.”


Agustín Ramírez, Founder and CEO at Aganova added: “Hydrosave is a great partnership fit for us given their existing footprint in the UK water sector and their leak detection expertise. We are looking forward to working with the Hydrosave team to help the UK water sector better understand the health and performance of their pipeline networks.”

Hydrosave is a leading specialist for leak detection and water conservation, having worked with half of the UK’s water companies.