Safe Working at Height – horizontal seized valve released

The Problem: a horizontal 600mm gate valve used to throttle pumps at a major treatment facility was seized at the 25% open position. The valve was situated 4m high and operated via a chain and wheel assembly.

YW 600mm Horizontal Scaffold

YW 600mm Horizontal Scaffold zoom

The Solution: due to the risk of possible damage to a critical asset, Hydrosave’s valve release technology was selected  due to its ability to release valves using minimal torque at levels under the safe design specification for a valve. A scaffold tower was erected around the valve, the chain hub removed and the ‘clever valve release’ system installed.

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Trenchless Technology: valve release via 5m spindle extension

A 9″ washout valve situated on a service reservoir required releasing in order to drain down the tank sufficiently to allow safe access. Although this was a small valve, the challenge was to release through 5 metres of small diameter spindle extensions. This proved not too be a problem for the Hydrosave Clever Valve Release system which transferred 230Nm or torque to take up the backlash on the extensions and focus the vibration toward the open position. As with all valve release projects performed by Hydrosave a torque assessment was completed and the results stored on the web based reporting facility for future reference.