Strategic UK partnership announced between Hydrosave and M.E. Simpson Co., Inc

Hydrosave and M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. join forces in strategic partnership

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Hydrosave is thrilled to announce they have agreed a strategic partnership with M.E. Simpson Co., Inc., a leading American provider of water and wastewater infrastructure solutions.

The partnership brings together decades of experience that M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. has in water and wastewater system technical services and Hydrosave’s innovative valve release technology, HydroV.

Set to drive forward improvements in water and wastewater infrastructure management, HydroV is Hydrosave’s proprietary, patented solution to frozen, inoperable valves and, to date, has a 100% success rate. This pioneering modular technology utilises a combination of frequency and torque to release the valve and continuously monitors each parameter to negate risk to both the asset and operator.

The partnership means that M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. will be able to share this innovative solution with their clients, eliminating the need for costly valve replacements and minimising disruptions to infrastructure.

Stuart Williams, Head of Asset Risk and Engineering commented: “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to transform water infrastructure management. By joining forces with M.E. Simpson Co., we can expand the reach of our technology and help utilities worldwide overcome the challenges posed by seized, inoperable valves.”

Michael Simpson, CEO of M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. commented: “We are thrilled to partner with Hydrosave to bring this revolutionary HydroV technology to our clients. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and delivering sustainable solutions for the water and wastewater industry.”