Case Study | How licensing HydroV® valve release system adds value to Trility

Trility serves the Australian and New Zealand markets and is committed to be partner of choice in the delivery of water, wastewater and environmental services.

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Why Trility chose to purchase HydroV®?


The market Trility operates in is extremely competitive and they are always looking to evolve and adapt to provide services that add value to their clients and differentiate them from their competitors.

They had the opportunity to consider Hydrosave’s HydroV® valve release technology in 2017 and the chance to purchase the solution with exclusivity for Australia and New Zealand.

Trility’s experienced operations managers were impressed with the technology, its successes, applications and viability for the company in its markets. They considered it a unique service that would be of great benefit to the water industry in Australia and New Zealand, so they commissioned it in 2018 branding the solution SURV (Smart Ultrasonic Release of Valves).


What it’s brought to their business


Trility has been able to provide this vital and valuable service on internal contracts as well as to existing and new external clients.


For clients

  • Financial savings
  • Reduced or removed valve replacement risks
  • Eliminated valve replacement planning needs


For Trility

  • New revenue stream
  • Engage with new clients
  • Add value to existing clients
  • Increase industry awareness of our brand


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