Philippine Water Expo 2019: Seized Valves – A Worldwide challenge

Seized Valves – A worldwide challenge

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Hydrosave is now partnering in the Philippines to promote the use of our seized valve release technology. The technology was recently demonstrated at the Philippines Water Expo.


Our technology releases seized valves using safe and non-intrusive techniques, with no damage to the asset. Valves can be reconditioned and made serviceable without excavation.

Our experience and evidence shows that many old valves are replaced unnecessarily.



This is our second exclusive international license for HydroV, the clever valve release technology. Customers have already saved over £1m in the past 12 months, avoiding valve replacements in Australia.

Resilient water supply networks need operable assets – our valve maintenance services includes survey, maintenance, torque measurement, seized valve release and no-dig leak repairs using ValvePAK™.