Vacants Management and Gap Sites

Maximising income from the properties you serve

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The case for action


Whether its voids or gap sites, what they have in common is that there’s an occupier there in receipt of services who isn’t paying for those services.

Identifying such properties is an increasingly important way of increasing or protecting your market share in a competitive environment. Looking at it another way, an occupier on your patch who isn’t already registered with a water company is an easy target for competitors looking to grow market share at your expense.

Market share aside, from a health and safety perspective, its important to ensure voids and gaps are identified so they can be properly served in the same way as any other occupier, for example should there be a disruption to supply or an incident requiring attention on their premises.

We've opened tens of thousands of new customer accounts in both Scotland and England, earning our clients millions of incremental revenue each year.

Vacants Management


Occupier churn is a constant challenge. Whilst many occupiers will make contact with their water company when they move properties, we know from experience that many do not.

Hydrosave has a proven track record of proactively managing vacant properties or “voids” to ensure those customers that do pay a bill aren’t subsidising those that do not.


Gap Sites


Gap sites not registered to any water company can arise for a variety of reasons, for example legacy data issues, failures in the new connections process, illegal connections, or property splits.

We’ve developed some great techniques for comparing “in-market” data with other external sources to identify properties not registered to any supplier.


Our approach


We use a wide range of innovative but proven trace tools and techniques, but customer service is at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to ensure that when a bill drops through a letterbox, its not a surprise to the recipient and the services are accurate. We provide a full outbound and inbound calling service, including call recording, and this allows us to ensure the customer and service data is correct on day one, thus mitigating against unwanted contact.