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Water audit and consultancy

Flow and pressure optimisation
Business customer solutions
Water use and demand management
Operational contingency plans

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Pipeline surveys

Risk, probability and failure models
Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
Remaining asset life analysis

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Leak detection

Technology specialists
Cost effective strategies
Performance focus

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Critical valve assessment

Mobile valve actuation
Torque measurement
Graphical certification

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Trunk mains leak detection

Industry experts
Best practice methodologies
Range of technologies

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We're dedicated to finding new ways to optimise the use, maintenance and management of water networks

Our experts are focused on water and we have an impressive track record of successful projects. We'll ensure that your project runs smoothly, on time and to budget and delivers efficiencies due to our tried and tested project management methodology.

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Our services

Our wide range of services delivers water network efficiency across the UK.

Leak detection link

Leak detection

We deliver advanced leak detection services which form the foundation of a leakage control strategy for water utilities and industrial clients.

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Water audit and consultancy link

Water audit and consultancy

Our experts can help save you money, by assessing your water use and network and advising on water efficiency measures.

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Valve assessment and release link

Valve assessment and valve release

Our expert teams will help you reduce the risk of service failure by assessing the condition of valves and use specialist technology to release seized valves.

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Pipe condition and cctv link

Pipe condition and CCTV

Our specialist non-destructive techniques allow for a full assessment of pipe condition with no disruption to supply.

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Industry training and eusr link

Industry training and EUSR

We approach consultancy relationships from your point of view, advising you and helping you to understand, plan for and address your challenges.

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Latest news - Waste Water Treatment - seized valve release on chemical process

Water industry experts. Focus on water and pipelines. We thrive on practical innovation. End to end service. Access to senior staff.

At Hydrosave we work in partnership with our customers, engaging with your working culture and providing an exceptional level of direct support for your services. Our expert approach ensures that our clients benefit from our innovation in water technology and practice.

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